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Outdoor & Archery Club

The Outdoor and Archery Club was founded for students of Sussex Tech to enjoy the outdoors and all it entails. We are focused on teaching life lessons and improving these qualities in each individual; learning about and appreciating the outdoors, the ability to work with others, gain a selfless attitude for betterment of all, and the ability to persevere. It is also important that we are maintaining an atmosphere that produces enjoyment and memorable experiences. One reason students participate in extracurricular activities is to have fun. The students should enjoy the challenges of club work and competition, learning new skills, the camaraderie with fellow members and their advisors, sharing club activities, and developing lifelong positive memories.

Outdoor 3D shoots, indoor spot shoots, indoor and outdoor archery tournaments, fishing, hunting education, game dinner

The club meets:
Every other Sunday in the Fall and Spring for outdoor shoots.
Monday nights throughout the year for tournament practice.
Every other Sunday indoors during the winter months.

Our fundraiser is the much heralded Sussex Tech Outdoor and Archery Club game. The dinner is held every year in November.

President: Casey Varcadipane
Vice President: Kristoph Myers

The goals of the outdoor and archery club are:

  • learning about and appreciating the outdoors
  • working with others
  • the ability to persevere
  • creating a selfless attitude for betterment of all

It is easy to become a member of the Outdoor and Archery club. Permission slips are available from Chef G or Mr. Russo. You can also download one off of the Google Classroom page.

All members will need to pass a safety exam once they sign the permission slip; students who already possess a New Jersey Archery Safety Card are ready to go. If you do not have this you can take the safety exam with Chef G and Mr. Russo.

You must keep good grades and good behavior in school. You also must take care of your equipment and any school equipment lent to you. Members are also required to help at all events.

There are no monetary dues for the Outdoor and Archery Club. We raise money through the game dinner for our activities. You will be expected to help at the game dinner and at each shoot.

Thank you for your interest in the Outdoor and Archery Club, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Mr. Jonathan Russo - Room 407 -
Chef Chad Gasiorek - Bakery -