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Spanish Cultural Club

Club Name:  Spanish Cultural Club

Advisor(s) name and contact information:  Ms. Pagan, Ms. Lauck 

Email: , 

Google Classroom code:  bn7pmdc

Description of the club and purpose:
Mission Statement:
The Spanish Cultural Club is open to all students.  Our goal is to connect students to other people in Spanish-speaking countries.  To meet this goal the club offers cultural, social and educational activities such as dances, and trips to museums and plays.  Students also participate in many volunteer programs.

Activities for the club:
Field trips that include cultural and culinary experiences, dance lessons, movies, crafts, talks by guest speakers etc. (Activities vary each year)

Meeting dates and times:  Monthly meetings 2:30-3:30

Fundraisers:  N/A at this time 

Officers if any:  N/A

Goals of the club:

  • Connect students to other people in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Spanish language lessons
  • Expose students to Hispanic culture (music, art, literature, food, customs, etc.) 
  • Field trips that embody our mission statement

How to become a member:  

  • Knowledge of Spanish is desirable, but not required.  Students DO NOT have to be of Hispanic descent to join; all students are welcome!
  • This is not an Honor Society club.  It is a club open to all students interested in learning about other cultures. 
  • Students who attend at least half of the club’s meetings will get a certificate of participation at the end of the school year to place in their portfolio.

Requirement to remain a member:  Continue to be an active member and attend as many meetings as possible. 

Dues if any:  N/A