• The New Jersey Apprenticeship Network (NJAN) is committed to developing a 21st century apprenticeship model that drives economic development through skills and educational attainment by developing and strengthening apprenticeship programs throughout the state, and increasing opportunities for both youth and adults. The Office of Apprenticeship is the primary contact and technical resource for employers, educational institutions, trade associations, and current/future apprentices for all statewide NJAN initiatives. Visit the NJAN webiste for more information: https://www.nj.gov/labor/career-services/apprenticeship/findaprogram.shtml

    Registered apprenticeship combines formal instruction with a paid, on-the-job learning program. You'll benefit by earning money while learning specialized skills that lead to a sustaining career. Employers may even subsidize some or all the cost of the outside training and education. Depending on their program and path, some apprentices will earn a degree and/or nationally recognized industry credential.

    One major misconception is that a Registered Apprenticeship Program is the same as an internship. Internships often times are unpaid, informal, and don’t necessarily lead to a career pathway. Registered Apprenticeship is full-time employment that includes on-the-job training and classroom instruction. The benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship also include pay increments based on skills progress and a nationally recognized credential at the conclusion of the program.

    To establish or approve an Apprentice Program, contact Apprentice Network Coordinator, Stacy Crosson, Vice Principal - CTE at scrosson@sussextech.org ; or visit the Opportunities Tab for current apprenticeship recruitment opportunities.