• Course Outline
    Sussex Tech offers Cooperative Industrial Education (C.I.E.). The programs are designed to work cooperatively with business and industry to broaden the scope of the student's major program with work experience. Sussex Tech also offers career awareness, work-based job shadowing, internships and work-based cooperative learning experiences under the guidelines of the State of New Jersey School-to-Career Initiatives.

    Students meeting the criteria for cooperation education placement attend regular academic classes for one-half day of the school year and report to the work-based training site for the other half of the day. Students are paid for time worked and receive a grade and credits for being enrolled in the program.

    What is Sussex Tech's Co-op Program?
    The Cooperative Industrial Education (CIE) programs are designed to develop competent professionals in major occupational areas offered at Sussex County Technical School. These programs utilize the internship method and related classroom instruction for the development of occupational competency in a variety of careers. Cooperative Industrial Education prepares individuals for industrial occupations by using supervised on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.