Program at a Glance
Cinematography and Film/Video Production is a comprehensive program in motion picture and television production. It is a four-year program that provides pathways to higher education and careers.  

What You Will Learn
Students will study storytelling, performing, cinematography, lighting, editorial, audio recording and processing, animation, special and visual effects, motion capture and character design for game development. Students learn skills such as image, sound, motion and time – creating a complete multi-media experience. Short and Long-Form narrative films as well as television talk shows, interviews, sports coverage and news items will be produced.

Career Pathways
Students are prepared to gain entry-level employment in various phases of the motion picture, television and gaming industries.

Sample Careers
  • Production Assistant
  • Television Editor
  • Movie Set Assistant
  • Special Effects Cinematographer
  • Animation Cinematographer
  • Actor
  • Film Director
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre Director
  • Photography