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If you’re wondering what NTHS is, here’s some information about the honor society:


To honor student achievement and leadership, award scholarships, promote educational excellence and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

Official Emblem, Insignia, Colors, Motto, and Slogan

The colors of the National Technical Honor Society are silver, white and purple. Silver represents value and worth; white represents truth and honesty; purple represents achievement and honor. 

The official emblem of the organization is made up of a shield crossed by a scroll bearing the letter "NTHS".  Above the shield is the head of an American Bald Eagle with a wreath of seven stars circling the eagle's head. 

The shield represents the individual member. The line running through the shield represents a straight "plumb line", fundamental to building a life and career upon a foundation of excellence. The Bald Eagle's head represents America and the individual's freedom of career choice. The wreath of seven stars represents the seven attributes of the NTHS member (skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership, and citizenship) and the individual NTHS Chapters throughout the US. 

The official insignia of the organization which is used on all charters, membership certificates, documents and stationery is made up of the official NTHS emblem as its central figure and also an arch upon which are inscribed the seven attributes of the membership (skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership, and citizenship), the year the Society was established (1984), and the motto of the organization inscribed on the foundation of the arch. 

The arch itself represents the student's passage from school or college into the workforce, and the steps, the preparation necessary to make that transition. The seven membership attributes are inscribed upon the two columns which support this arch, and the year the Society was founded on the arch. 

The NTHS motto is inscribed on the first step and reads: "Felicitas Menti Instructae Favet" which translated from Latin reads: 

"Success Favors the Prepared Mind".

The official NTHS slogan is: "Excellence in America's Workforce Begins with Excellence in Workforce Education."

To be eligible for the Sussex County Technical School’s Chapter of NTHS, a student must:

  • Have a grade point average in the technical shop program of a 95% or higher.  This average is calculated over the students’ two or three years in the technical program. (9th, 10th, 11th)
  • Have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.3;
  • Have a positive referral from the shop instructor;

  • No Conduct/Discipline record & Satisfactory Attendance;

  • Pay a membership fee of $30.

An induction ceremony will take place in Spring to welcome these selected students into a society that truly caters to fulfilling their career goals and enhance what we strive for in our career technical students.

If you have any questions or concerns about NTHS, please feel free to contact Ms. Varkey & Mrs. Shawiak, NTHS Advisers.
Current Members 2021-22

President: Charlize Lowrie
Vice President: Danielle Lopes
Secretary: Sakara De Gil-Balija
Treasurer: Abigail Oras
Members: Summer Andrejack, Alisha Anjum, Grace Bintliff, Joanna Cecere, Kayla  Choi, Brandi  Cunha,  Brandi Dziekonski, Madison Evanchik, Riley Feichtl, Ashley  Geydoshek, Freya Gonzalez, Jesse  Griner, Cassandra Hamilton, Anna Khasyanova, Eric King, Emily   Kinkead, Aidan  Koroski, Nicholas Krison, Paige Kutyla,  Kate Maitland, Meghan McBride, Alicia  McDonald, Isabela Mendez, Luca Morelli, Delainey Price-Elliott, Connor Rehe, Sophia  Roberts, Madisyn Rojas, Lucas  Schultz, Rachel  Swift, Liam Vaughan, Derek Watson