The Sussex Teach Debate Team wrapped up its season on Friday, February 12th at Sparta High School.  Unlike years past where the team was comprised of mostly upperclassmen, this year's debate team was more favored towards the underclassmen, specifically the freshmen. Being inexperienced in the realm of policy debate did not deter these youngsters from jumping right into the competitions.  The upperclassmen were very supportive in ensuring that the novice debaters were ready for the monthly competitions.  

In a year that started strong slowly began to fade as the competition became fierce.  During the middle of the season the team struggled to gain any traction and momentum.  I reminded the students that we were a relatively young team and it is not about how you start it is about how you finish.  The championship round ranked all of the schools based upon their season record.  Being that we had the least amount of victories during the season ranked us last.  The students were not discouraged and were up for the challenge.  

Unlike the first four tournaments the championship round took the top two scoring affirmative teams and the top two scoring negative teams into the semifinals.  Sussex Tech was the only school to go undefeated in the first two rounds but unfortunately due to having a lower aggregate score the Negative Team was left out of the semifinals.  
Finally a special acknowledgement to Joseph Mitchell for earning the third place speaker of the year award. 
Thank you to the students, faculty, administration, transportation and my co-advisor Mr. Makris for this opportunity.