Program at a Glance
The mission of the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) program is to prepare students with the necessary skills to become self-directed learners in various areas of business, electronic commerce and social media. Students will become proficient critical thinkers and problem solvers as they learn business concepts including small business concerns, forms of business ownership, marketing, finance, international trade, supply and demand, accounting, leadership, and economics.  After two years of acquiring business and computer concepts, junior year students manage a virtual business in which they apply those concepts to their business initiative. 

What You Will Learn
Students will learn to plan, manage, supervise, and market electronic business operations, products, and services online via the Internet. There are many career opportunities in the business, E-Commerce and social media fields. Students will learn information technology, information resources management, web design, computer privacy and security along with product and service networking.  Students will also explore business administration and internet law and policy. Students will engage in electronic marketing and e-trading. Students will learn to recognize and identify different data models within social media and how to apply social media for business marketing strategies.

In partnership with Sussex County Community College, the E-Commerce program brings the college experience to students and offers students the opportunity to earn college credits while simultaneously earning high school credits.  Current course offerings include Macroeconomics, Social Media Marketing, Introduction to Business, Accounting Principles I, Computer Software Applications, and Computer Concepts and Applications.  See your guidance counselor for details.

Career Pathways
The E-Commerce program prepares students for a broad spectrum of business and social media related careers. Students will be able to transition into the workforce with general business knowledge and skills or transition into post-secondary education with the ability to work towards a college degree in any chosen major.

Sample Careers

  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountant or Careers related to Finance
  • Careers in Human Resources or Public Relations
  • Advertising Strategist or Digital Media Sales Consultant
  • Marketing Communications Director
  • News Blogger/Writer
  • Social Media Analyst or Writer
For more information on E-Commerce and Mr. Anderson's class, please click on the link below:
Mr. Anderson's E-Commerce Class