Working Papers

Once a student has been offered employment, their employer may provide them with working papers. Working Papers, also referred to as the A300 Employment form, which can also be downloaded from the Department of Labor Workforce Development website. A300 employment certification form -

Brief Instructions: Please have the employer complete working papers (A300 certificate). Once the certificate is signed by the employer, your child, you as parent/guardian, and your physician, please email your certificate to Ms. Thomas at –   Make sure the employer fully completes Section B, including a job title, hours to be worked as well as wages.

Include a birth certificate and make sure all sections are complete. Once processed, a completed certificate will be emailed back to you. Section A is the minor's information. Be certain to fill in the social security number and signature of the parent/guardian. Section C must be completed by your doctor's office. Section D is proof of age. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate when you submit your completed working papers for processing. Sections E&F will be completed by Sussex County Technical School. However, the student/minor must sign in section F.  As the Issuing Officer for the district, I’m the last person to sign.

Thank you,
Stacy Crosson, Vice Principal
Issuing Officer

If you have any questions, please call the Career Technical Education Office
973-383-6700 ext. 300
Ms. Thomas, CTE Secretary ​​​

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