The Sussex County Technical School provides concurrent and Advance Placement courses for students as Juniors and Seniors. These courses are open to all students regardless of program of study. SCTS offers students credential-earning opportunities such as the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council's Certified Logistics Technician, Certified Producation Technician 4.0, EPA Section 608 Refrigeration, HEAT Certificates, ServSafe, AMCA, etc. Many of these credentials are challenging to obtain.

Policy 2464 outlines the Sussex County Technical School's gifted and talented program. This program is based upon students self-identifing themselves for entrance into the program. The program is using a student's GPA, has met all graduation requirements as outlined by the the NJ Department of Education, and the Accuplacer. Students are required to meet 2 of the 3 elements in order to be granted entrance into the program.

Contact: Debbie Keiper