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Natural Resources & Conservation/Horticultural Studies

Program at a Glance
The Natural Resources and Conservation/Horticultural Studies program is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to become self-directed learners in various areas of the natural environment. Students will learn about improving and protecting the environment, environmental science and natural resource management. Students will become proficient critical thinkers and problem solvers. Careers related to natural resources require physical stamina and enjoying the outdoors. Students will also learn about horticultural production and processing and business operations connected with horticultural services.

What You Will Learn
Students will learn about the natural environment and its conservation, use and improvement. The curriculum for agricultural science education (CASE) is a carefully designed curriculum that engages students with hands-on activities, and projects while studying the following courses: 

  • Introduction to Agriculture, Foods, and Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Environmental Science Issues
  • Agricultural Research & Development

Career Pathways
There are many potential careers relating to natural resources and conservation and horticulture. Students may pursue degrees in areas such as Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Conservation, Environmental and Social Sustainability, etc. 

Sample Careers

  • Park Ranger
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Forest and Conservation Technician
  • Soil Conservationist Turf Maintenance Worker
  • Landscaper
  • Grounds Manager
  • Floral Designer
  • Biosecurity
  • Plant/Soil Scientist
  • Outdoor Recreation Planner
  • Ecologist