• Club Name:
    Foreign Language NHS
    Spanish Honor Society
    Dolores Huerta Chapter

    Advisor(s) name and contact information:
    Rachel Lauck

    Description of the club and purpose:
    The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize the success and
    achievements of students in regards to the Spanish language.

    Activities for the club:
    Meetings 3rd and 4th marking period
    Induction Ceremony
    Service Hours

    Meeting dates and times:
    TBD - Starting after 2nd marking period when eligible candidates are announced


    Looking into collections/donations for local homeless shelters specifically sock
    collections which are needed in the shelters (bombas socks)

    Officers if any:
    Will be elected when new members are inducted due to the pandemic and restrictions
    that were in place the past two years:
    Vice President

    Goals of the club:
    The Spanish National Honor Society is an academic organization dedicated to promote
    the study of the Spanish Language and the culture of Hispanic countries.

    How to become a member:
    Completion of CP1
    Completion of 2 marking periods of CP 2
    3.0 GPA in Spanish
    3.5 Overall GPA

    Requirement to remain a member:
    Maintain GPA and academic standing
    Attend meetings
    Complete required service hours
    Continue to demonstrate enthusiasm, respect and responsibility throughout the school

    Dues if any:
    One time membership fee for induction ceremony, official registration through website
    graduation pin, certificate and cords (Need to recalculate due to different 2022 prices)

    Current Members:
    Summer Andrejack
    Kyle Benson
    Riley Burke
    Kayla Choi
    Christopher Conyers
    Sakara Degil-balija
    Kendall Dericks
    Arlen Devantoy
    Madison Evanchik
    Rachael Genung
    Jesse Grinder
    Molly Latincsics
    Danielle Lopes
    Meghan McBride
    Ella Orellana
    Delainey Price-Elliot
    Samantha Rupp
    Derek Watson